Dear Friends, Family, Subscribers, Visitors & Supporters,


I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart

for anything you have done to support my efforts

in creating Hot Spots On The Main Line.

Whether it be taking the action to subscribe to this site,

follow us on social media, or take the time to tell me

what a great idea Hot Spots was & wish me luck.

I have been at this for about 3 years,

the first of which was spent bringing the concept to life

prior to launch, followed by launch,

followed almost immediately by Covid,

which came with its obvious negative impacts

to the restaurant industry and therefore

my website & app based business.

However, since restaurants have opened back up

and been on their path to getting back to “normal”,

I have not been able to get the

support or participation needed

from our local restaurants to continue.


And so, it has become necessary at this time for me

to refocus my career path in another direction

and I just couldn’t leave the party

without saying a great, big thank you to all of you

& goodbye ... for now.

Stacy DiAddezio